Translations for Single Select and Multi Select Widget Options

We’re currently unable to translate the options in the single and multi-select widgets. As a workaround, we’re adding both the Spanish and English text to the options. However, this current workaround is not ideal for our operators and citizen developers. As we continue to add more languages, this solution becomes less practical. Is it possible to expand the translation feature to include single and multi-select widget options?

Current State:

Work Around:

Nice suggestion Nicolette!

If the Tulip team eventually implements it, I hope they make sure it applies to both existing styles:


In the meantime, it is nice to know that applications have access to App Info → User Preferred Language which you could use to filter an aggregation for the list. Could make a table like this and then use a filtered unique values aggregation to get the options.

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As a possible solution for non citizien developer… you can create a custom widget loading language by http request and set only the displayed value of the selects and not the internal value. So you have no issues regarding data integrity for example issue with triggers based on different language values…

This is another way Simple Langbox Widget

@nicolettenaya - great suggestion! This is something we would like to enable, but not something we are able to tackle right now for various reasons. The suggestion from @danielpomeranz is a good suggestion in the mean time.

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