Make the checkbox of a multiselect in menu-form scale with the selected text size



I’m unsure if this is easier or harder, but personally I feel like the ability to set the size separate from text size would be more flexible for all use cases. Would love to see more customizability within the single select and multi select widgets.

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Sure, even better. But the default should match the text size. Not sure what the current reference size is but it is utterly tiny as you can see in the screenshot.


@kimberly, thoughts on this from the design perspective?

Hey @sebme, thanks for the suggestion! @ychan164 is currently working on designs for some improvements to many of our input widgets, and we’ll take a look at whether this might be feasible.
Appreciate the feedback!

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@Amit, adding you to this tread (after posting a similar one here) so we can track this suggestion in one place. Please feel free to add to the discussion here if you have thoughts!

Hi, same here, box size is not sync with font size, no matter how big is the font size of value, the box size remain small

Same with the dropdown widget in “MENU” mode…