Create a Tulip account

I have an email group and I want to create it as an account in tulip. What should I do?

Thanks for the questions @Jiayu. I’d like to ask a follow-up: When you say have an email group and want to create it as an account, do you mean that,

a.) you’d like to create a Tulip account for every individual in the group
b.) you want to great a user that represents the group itself (e.g. we have a group for, so making making the equivalent to an user account for training@tulip)
c.) something else

This problem started when I wanted to send an email to many people, but I couldn’t send it to each person separately in tulip, it was difficult for me, so I wanted to create one or more groups in outlook, add recipients to these groups, and create accounts of these groups on tulip

In addition, if tulip has other simple ways to send emails to multiple people at the same time, I hope you can tell me

Thank you very much!

Hi @Jiayu, thanks for the clarification. The way Tulip handles emails, in order to send an email directly from Tulip, the recipient needs to be a registered Tulip users. This ensures that our deliverability remains high, and reduces the risk of accidentally spamming from an app.

There are a couple ways around this, however. The best option is to use a connector.

You mentioned Outlook: we have two connectors for Outlook. Take a look at these and let me know if they get you closer to solving the problem. Additionally, we have some customers that use services like Sendgrid via connectors to send emails.

Let me know if this helps!