"Create or load table record" vs. Create record/Load record

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I recently got a support question that I think is worth sharing here. When do you use the “create or load record” option in trigger logic vs. simply creating a table record or loading a record. Any examples you have would be esp. useful.

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hey @John, thanks for sharing with the Community. this is a great question, and while we can give some recommendations, the most appropriate Action to use is dependent on the process and workflow.

the most important thing to consider when deciding which of the three Actions to use, is what you’d like to have happen if a Record with the ID you’re trying to use exists or not. given an ID, this is how the 3 Actions will behave if a Record does or does not exist:

let’s consider for example a simple receiving and inspection process, with the ability for a supervisor to go and check on any item that’s been received.

the three Apps are:

  1. on the Receiving App, we would use the Create Action as it’s impossible for another record with that ID (unique tracking #, for example) to be present on the Table. and in fact, we’d want an Error if one already exists.
  2. on the Inspection App, we would use the Create or Load Action as we would want to Load the Record that Receiving received, with the ability to add measurements for which we’re inspecting. but, if receiving missed the Package, we’d want to Create a new Record.
  3. finally, for the Supervisor App, would use the Load Action, as we would only want to display information on the Shipment that was received and inspected.

that being said, every process is slightly different and needs to be considered with the above criteria. I tend to use the Create or Load Action most frequently, but am curious how others think about it too!!

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I generally use create a table record or/and load table record like this. It makes it easier for me to see what is happening.

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