Data Tag Refresh (force request from machine)

We operate with a lot of data tags for each machine (to say the least). Even if we had a fraction of what we have, this would be a nice feature regardless as described below.

At times, our OPC-UA client needs to be reconfigured, reinitiated, etc. and what happens, likely due to in part, the nature of our machines data packet cadence, is that either incorrect data values or no values at all will display through our apps. Under the machine configuration page, one of two things have occurred: 1) correct value shows on OPC client & machine config, just not through the app or…2) the tag under machine config. has not updated since before the OPC client update activity.

Part of this can be corrected through machine config. by checking the box next to it and saving. This forces a refresh and the data comes in mirroring the OPC client data. This is a very tedious process with the number of tags we have as well as our high number of machines as well.

So, what would be nice and a massive time saver whether we need to refresh one or multiple tags is a way to either refresh all tags (keeping the check box config. as is and intended) on a given machine OR refresh all tags on all machines (keeping the check box config. as is and intended) OR both options.