Kepware - Tag Data Not Updating in Tulip

Im currently setting up my machines for machine monitoring in tulip using Kepware. I am currently able to read from my machines in Kepware, and can see their tag values via OPC quick client. I go to map the tags in tulip (which are all visible), and even if they are updating in Kepware, no data is received in the machine attributes in tulip. I have had the tags mapped in tulip for a day, and they still say no data received. I have older tags that are currently running and receiving real time data from the same Kepware server. I have tried re-initializing Kepware and that has had no effect. If I add, rename or remove tags in Kepware, I am able to see the change in tulip, but no data comes through. Is there something I need to do to get the data to come through? I remember in the past, you’d have to just wait a few days and it would start showing up. Why this would happen, we weren’t quite sure. Thanks

Hi, thank you for reaching out on this issue!

If this is running through a Tulip On-Prem Connector Host (OPCH), there is a known bug in sub LTS11 versions in which any new tag mappings occasionally stop receiving updates.
This has since been resolved on OPCH vLTS12.
For permanent resolution, it is recommended to update your OPCH as soon as possible.

For an interim solution, the OPCH connection can be reset with the following workaround.

Reset OPCH Machine Data Source Connection

  1. Navigate to the Shop Floor - Machines - Machines Data Sources page.
  2. Select the Kepware data source.
  3. Change the Connector Host on the “Runs on” configurations from the current OPCH to any other data source.
  4. Click “Save”.
  5. Open the Kepware data source configurations again.
  6. Change the Connector Host on the “Runs on” configurations back to the original OPCH.
  7. Click “Save”.
  8. Check if the Machine tag attributes are now updating.

Thank you,