To read static value/data (no change value, String) from connector ( Kepware )

Hi, I’ve been working on testing “connector” which is reading data from Kepware server to Tulip instance for machine related app.

After I configured the field mapping , once the data is changing, I can see the value in Tulip successfully, but it seems not possible to see the static value that rarely changed, or string value which is a label of something, in PLC program, and in Kepware too.

Is it really not possible to read and show this kind of data in Tulip? How do you tackle this?

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For those who has the same issue, the problem is solved by enabling feature for this specific reason when loading static data with help of Tulip. It is like a check box at side of each data line that you get from other platform(Kepware). You can contact Tulip for help, if you don’t have this feature in your instance.