Edge MC OPC tags stuck

Having issues with an Edge MC data source.

The Edge MC is picking up machine status changes from an OPC server. These status tags are linked to Tulip Machine Attributes - and the attributes drive the Machine State. The Edge MC seems stable, and OPC data is flowing - however every now and again an attribute value ‘gets stuck’.
For example a machine will quite happily be reporting status changes (Running, Stopping, Stopped, Idle etc) but will then get stuck on a single status (eg Running) for a long period of time.

On investigation, the underlying OPC tag value has changed, but the Tulip attribute is stuck on an old value. If I remap the attribute to the same tag, the the attribute value refreshes and is accurate again. It is although the tag/ attribute becomes frozen/ non-responsive.

Has anyone seen this behaviour? Is there anything I need to do with the Edge MC to stop values getting stuck? I do not thing the issue lies elsewhere beyond the Edge MC (or perhaps Tulip itself) as the underlying opc tags data is changing as expected.

Any ideas welcomed.