Disable Hot Keys when Modals are Open

For instance: if I am defining filters for an interactive table, and I hit the “t” key, the window closes, a text widget pops up, and all my changes are lost.

Hitting the “t” key (or other hot keys) is a result of inconsistencies between being able to search by character in some drop down menus and not others. Ex: I am able to search for a variable in this manner in the filter model, but not the column values.

Hi @kellen.linse,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Totally agree that the behavior is confusing, especially since you can search the filter model but not the column values.

We don’t have anything planned in the short term to address this, but we always appreciate this kind of usability feedback and try to incorporate it.

Feel free to send over any other questions or ideas you have in the meantime.


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