Double printing Issue


I am tying to print a couple of steps at the same time and I created a step group for this. When ever I want to print this group, It is always creating an additional (extra) copy. This extra page is the same page with the 5th one but without buttons. I didn’t create 6th step or page. As summary, there should be 5 pages of copy to be printed however I am getting 6 pages.
Not: I see this extra sheet in my print page.
I am adding the pictures of last 2 pages

Are there anyone who knows solution to get rid of this extra page?

@giladl @John

Just out of curiosity, are you printing through the “test” web browser? Do you get the same results when using the “run” function?

We had (and still do) have duplicates print when trying to print while testing. However when we print in the Tulip Player, it does print correctly.


Thank you for your feed back. I have always tried it on Test Browser now that extra page is gone. Thank you very much for that hint. However, I have a new problem right now. Some of the pictures printed/saved as pdf, half. Have you seen something like that before?

Some of them 3 quarter;

Some of them fully visible. All the picture boxes are in the same size in the app and all the pictures taken with the same camera of the same tablet. I would be really glad if you help me on this one too. @jasonh


I solved the problem by selecting orientation of the picture. I am adding the picture here for future needs. When you are trying to print picture keep your alignment on top.



Good to know!
We hadn’t run into that problem yet, but it’s good to see you solved it!

Best of luck building!

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Thanks for sharing . Very informative.