Downtime Form creation?

Has anyone created a downtime form or can possibly point me in the right direction? I cant find any knowledge base articles on the subject and surely I’m not the only person who has wanted to get one set up. Any help is appreciated!

Hello @DewyWCI,

Thanks for reaching out! Forms can certainly be built in Tulip to track downtime. Just to confirm, are you looking for a standalone app to track downtime or would this be within an existing process?

Whichever of the two solutions you’re looking to implement, I’d recommend by setting up a step Downtime, and Going to Step (using a Button click for example) whenever you want to track downtime. In that step, you can have the user select from a list of downtime causes. This information can then be displayed in an Analysis to determine what’s the leading cause of downtime.

Some recommended Knowledge Base articles:

Let me know your thoughts and if there’s anything I can clarify!



Thanks Gio! I ended up using a Menu button and changing the trigger to divert to a “downtime form” step.
Then added buttons for different downtime reasons. I then store the info to a table to track the time from the first button press to the “new” menu button pause/restart to the start of a step that doesn’t equal the downtime step. That way I can track from the start of the downtime to the beginning of building with multiple downtime reasons during the same assembly build. I had more trouble getting the Auto table ID function to work after restarting the app than I did building the form! Thanks for the help!

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