Enable error triggers

It would be nice if you guys can implement like a trigger when another triggers fails
For example: When trying to read an invalid ID from a table, the player will pop up an error, so I want to catch that error and execute some actions from another trigger.

Hi, is there any progress into this topic? Now is becoming into something more critical.

Hey @emendoza thanks for the bump. I’m checking with the folks who own this roadmap to see if there are any updates.

Hi @emendoza there is progress on this, but you are not likely to see any major improvements in the near term - it is part of a larger initiative. However, with more feedback we may choose to raise the priority and make some improvements sooner.

What has caused it to become more critical for you?

hi @pete, if we categorize this, I think is a high one, not critical for now but, I’m concerned because some times triggers fails because any reason and, we want to know in real time when that comes up.
For now we are ok. I can discuss this with @matt.dumouchel later.