Encrypting Data in a Table

can we encrypt data while storing in tulip table?

hello @suvarnap, that’s an interesting question (I moved it to a new Topic).

just to confirm, would you like the information in the Table to be stored in a non-readable format to Users which can then be converted to a human-readable format??

there may be API’s available to do this, but I just wanted to confirm that this was indeed what you wanted to do.

yes, I Want data to be stored in non readable format in tulip table but while fetching data , it should be in readable format

OK, thanks for clarifying @suvarnap. would you mind sharing a little more information on the use case you need this functionality for??

this way we can best suggest alternatives

we need it for authentication.

Hey Suvarna,

For authentication, we would recommend to use SAML or LDAP integrated with your AD.

There might be a good API out there to help with encryption/decryption into a Tulip table but I would recommend setting up your instance with SAML or LDAP if possible for authentication.

Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks!