Enhancing E-singature function - perform subsequent actions after signment completed

Use E-signature can verified the parameter which was inputted,and the question is that we would like to complete the E-signatur inoder to verified the value then operator can go to perform subsequent actions or go to next step , but the logic seem can not meet this case, how can we solve this problem?

Please let me know if this isn’t clear or if I’m missing anything here, thanks.

Hi there!

I am wondering if the new “input widget validation” and “button enable/disable” features from r247 (on LTS 12) would help here.

See my video demo below - does this look like it accomplishes what you are looking for? if so, I can show you how this is set up in the app!

Hi Beth,

Thanks for your reply!

Base on the demo which you have built, I will be explain the scenario in our bussiness:

1, One operator should confirm ‘check me’ and ‘check me too’ have done.

2, Then another operator should perform the E-sign to complete the double check whether ‘check me’ and ‘check me too’ have been done.

3, Finally you can perform ‘input a number >5 and <10’ only after the preceding two steps are complete.

It would be better if the trigger design was based on the above sequence of operations!

Hope this will help you to understand our working scenario.

Great! This should be doable -

  1. You can use validation rules (on right hand widget pane) for operator #1 to ensure that the check boxes (or any input widget you choose) are checked
  2. You can actually set up the signature so that operator #2 cannot sign until both check boxes are checked. You can do this by making something like the “validate” button I have here, where there is trigger logic checking these vars are checked, and then storing the result into the “CheckPassed” variable. This “CheckPassed” variable can then be used to enable to eSignature widget so that it can only be clicked once the criteria is met.

You can also specify that the signature has to be done by someone other than the app operator or by a specified user

  1. You can then put the next action (here ‘input a number >5 and <10’) on a next step so that way it cannot be complete until these first actions are done (you can do this by adding a trigger to the signature widget directly to transition to next step or have operator click “Next” after they sign)

Does this help?