ERP Interface App for 3S

Hi, we are currenlty looking forward to use Tulip, but a few questions remain. I couldnt find answers to this topic on this community.

  • Is there any ERP Interface App for 3S and, if not, are my alternatives connectors?
  • With what speed can a poll with Tulip from the ERP be made?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @Tom,

Welcome to Community!

There are a few resources that might help kickstart your progress. The long and short of it is that Tulip has connected to every ERP under the sun, but the solution differs a bit based on your specific ERP. here is a really good article that walks you through the process to understand the best way to connect with your ERP specifically.

We have a app and connector function (link) pre-made in library that you can download designed to connect to Microsoft dynamics that might be a decent example of what that connection might look like, but like I said, the solution for each ERP is a little different. I reached out to our team that does one off connections to lots of different systems to understand the process for 3S specifically, and I will update this thread when I have a little more detailed answer about that ERP specifically.

We don’t rate limit any of our connectors to other systems, so 1 call/second is more than possible. This is usually bottlenecked by the speed at which your ERP can respond, so if you are asking for a lot of data that can be a bottleneck at times.

Hope this helps,