Epicor ERP integration with Tulip

@gio You asked. Here you go.

This is a GIF of it working. I have this awesome 44-slide PowerPoint file that goes through the setup step by step. [See below] But I can’t upload it, as your community does not allow PPT or even PDF files.

Any thoughts?

EDIT: For now I have cross-posted the PDF files to the Epicor user community.

EDIT 2: Thanks @gio !
Epicor Integration with Tulip.pptx (2.4 MB)


hello @JasonMcD, awesome!! thank you for sharing this!!

I have enabled for pdf’s and ppt’s to be shared on Tulip Community, can you confirm you can see it??

I am sure @hwagner will also be interested in learning more about the detailed integration setup guide you have.

thanks again for sharing @JasonMcD!!

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It worked! I edited the original post for simplicity

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