Exiting Fullscreen Image

We use the image “click to fullscreen” feature pretty heavily in our application. Several users have commented that they have difficulty exiting the fullscreen image - they have to find just the right corner of the screen to hit to return to the app. I would love to see something like a “swipe down” to exit, or even just a X in the upper corner to get out of the image.

Hi @Fifi ,
Firstly, welcome to the Tulip community!
Secondly, I totally agree that the experience of exiting full screen is unintuitive. The team is planning to make a bunch of improvements to our widgets in the second half of the year. I will make a ticket so that this great suggestion doesn’t get missed.

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@Fifi I don’t know if you use a keyboard at all when running your apps, but the “esc” key will also exit the full screen image, if that is helpful in the meantime :slight_smile: