Expose version history in-app

I would like to show an app’s version history in app. Currently we double enter the revision notes into a table in the app and also in the version history

@Gary Thanks for the post.

Your suggestion to display the app’s version history within the app itself is intriguing. If you don’t mind, I have a couple questions to help us better understand your request.

  • What’s driving your desire to see the version history in the app?
  • Are you calling the version note table records for reference in any the same app, or other apps as well?

Thanks again for reaching out.


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Hi @AdamWarmington
I support the idea from @Gary

Currently we use a custom made screen “About app” that shows the current app version to the operator. It would be nice if this was somehow integrated in the app from operators perspective to also include version history.
I assume that auditors/inspectors would also like to see this information provided directly from the app without any customisation.


Hi @AdamWarmington,

Most of our operators use the same set of apps over and over and eventually memorize the process and only skim the steps. We want some way to be able to let them know when things change and what’s changed. This is exactly the purpose of revision history.

I haven’t implemented it yet, but I am planning on setting up some kind of notification or flashing button if an operator is using a new version of an app so they will be prompted to check the revision history table

I don’t think it would be necessary to refer to the version history of a particular app from a different app