Filter embed table by linked field

Hi all,
I’ve create a table of users, in it add a linked field to department table.

Than I added a step to show users for next step of app to be added into a routine.

In this step I want to show only those users that belong to choosen department that was chosed in a dropdown widget of departments.

If you add a query to the users table, there is no option to choose fields from the linked table.
When adding this users table as embed table to app, there is no option to filter by linked fields from the linked table, there is only an option to add those fields for view on screen.

There is an option, somehow, to do this filter by a connection function, I didn’t succeed this way yet but, anyway, I don’t want to create a list of connector functions for each filter I want to do.

Can anyone suggest how can I show only users of particular department in the app step ?

Thank you,
Amit Berku

Hi Amit,

@jmlowden has been working quite a bit with tables and linked records and hit a similar roadblock. Jim, I am not recalling off the top of my head, but were you able to find a good workaround for not being able to query linked record fields that you could share with Amit?

Happy to connect again during office hours, hopefully I will be able to share some of the linked records use cases and workarounds.

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