Force app restart after publish


One pain point we have found is when an app is updated with a new version we need to go around and manually restart it on each machine. This is easy to miss for a single machine and not super easy to catch.

It would be even nicer if we could drive this reset with a ‘reset this station’ button on the web editor so we could just restart machines while they are between jobs vs all of them, and having to go back into the current order.

Eventually it would be very nice to be able to do control the player from the web dashboard, but I realize that is a big ask.



No idea about right solution, but this problem is true

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Good afternoon @Peter.Hartnett & @youri.regnaud,

This can currently be done from the Shop Floor by clicking the pen icon next to the Player that’s running and selecting the Splash Screen. This will restart the app and run the latest published version.

See below for an example:

Is this what you were looking for?




Love it!

Thanks Gio.

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