Foreward a var to an APP?

Hi all,
is it possible to foreward a variable to an APP?
I built a printing app and want to foreward a printing number to this app from another app.
Because i can start the printing app manually and typing in a printing number, i do not see how to use it in an step-open trigger and/or with a table.
Any idea?

hello @ChrisF, forwarding Variables when opening an App is not currently possible. I’d recommend posting this in as it’s a great suggestion!!

in the meantime, could you provide a little more context around the workflow?? there are many creative ways in which Users use Tables for this exact reason that may work well.

Hi Gio,
i have a dedicated app for printing out test protocolls by entering the test number. With this number the app searches the table if the number exists and if so it shows a printing preview of the protocoll.
The actual app for the test protocoll has the possibility to print this protocoll at the end, too. So i thought i can foreward the test protocoll number to the printing app directly.
My workaround is to store the test number in a dedicated table, start the printing app, proof if a test number is stored and print this protocoll.
But i have to ensure that the test number in the table is not used when i starting the print app directly. This last step is missing and i have no idea how to handle this.
Any suggestions?

Regards Chris

hello @ChrisF, thanks for posting the Product Suggestion!! it’s similar to this: Product Suggestion that was posted yesterday. take a look at @kevin.kononenko’s response below, I think that would cover your Use Case, correct??

have you considered adding a True/False Field to the Table?? when it’s created, you can set it to False, and switch it over to True once the Print has been complete. do you think that would work??

thanks again for posting!!