Generate a statistical table from the imported data

I got the table result (left table) from python and then import to the tulip table. I would like to generate a statistical result table in Dashboard. What should I do?

Can tulip output the right table within the dashboard function?

I tried query and aggression. But I do not know how to change the row name. For example, I use aggregation to find the mean of step1, but the final result table shows 16 same mean value in one column. How can I achieve this?

Thank you!

or is there any other ways to help me build this? do I need to build an app? would it be better? How? Thank you!

hello @dorothy, thanks for posting!!

you can certainly can, if you have the data in a Table you can follow these steps to display the data in a Dashboard.

  1. create a new Dashboard:
  2. click Create or Add Analysis
  3. select the Table you’ve uploaded the data to:
  4. finally, select the columns you’d like to display. it’s important to set the Date Range to All Time if you’d like the Records to be displayed beyond the ones this Week, which is enabled by default:
  5. you can see the resulting Dashboard will look like this (of course with the relevant data):

did I correctly understand your question?? let me know if there’s something I can clarify!!

thanks again for posting!!

Sorry, what I mean is, Tulip now has the table on the left side. Based on this table, I would like to do some analysis and display the table on the right side in the dashboard, which is similar to python dataframe.describe() function.

From the left table, I would like to calculate the min/max/average etc for each column and show in a table, like the right side in the screenshot.

The left side is what I imported to the Tulip, the right side table is what I want to show on the dashboard.

what should I do?

Thank you

understood, thanks for clarifying!!

have you taken a look at the Table Queries and Aggregations feature for Tulip Tables??

once you have your data imported to a Table, you can create Aggregations to create the operations on the data as necessary:

and finally, you can either display the information on an App or write it back to another Table.

does that make sense??

Yes! Thank you!

Could you also explain more on how to write it back to another Table? Thank you!

great to hear!!

once you have the Variable in an App, you can Create a Record (with any ID you’d like to use) and use the Data Manipulation Action to store the data. this guide may be useful: How To Modify Tables Within the App Editor | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Manufacturing Apps.

in brief, here are the steps to write data back to another Table:

  1. confirm your Table has a Field matching the data you’d like to store (Number in this example):
  2. Create a Record and use the Data Manipulation Action:

let us know if you have further questions!!