GPS coordinates, would love to have access to it either through Tulip Player or a custom widget

I think the only thing blocking it is the
Permissions policy violation: Geolocation access has been blocked because of a permissions policy applied to the current document.

FWIW I think browser geolocation is only going to be accurate to a general assumption of the location of the wifi router. Definitely not going to be able to locate devices around a facility. At that point I am curious what the value really is here? You may as well just use a plant level look up table.

Unless I am wrong.

Browsers on mobile devices are actually able to use the GPS. For example, test it by using google maps from the browser. (You of course need to grant your browser access to your location)

Or for another test, on your mobile device grant access to your location to your browser and then go to

Punch that lat, long into google and you will see it resolve to your current location.

So, this is a viable (and super valuable addition to the platform!)

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I also think this would be cool. I’d really like this on our Experience Center fleet, for example. We have a lot of demos that we ship out around the world for tradeshows and events and I’d love for there to be an interactive map that we can use to manage this fleet with real-time GPS coordinates.

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Hey Michael!

Could you share some of the use cases you’d like to use this for? I am wondering if our partnership with Zero Key and their tracking abilities would be potentially helpful here too

This is just straight enabling access to the GPS that is already included in a mobile device. (ZeroKey looks to be focused on 1.5 mm accuracy)

GPS accuracy would definitely depend on the facility (some places this simply won’t work well, but for apps running outside on mobile devices it would be wonderful) depending on what you are manufacturing there can be outside yards.
Why should you enable GPS for the tulip player?

  1. You can record the GPS location of where a transaction took place. This would mainly be useful on mobile devices on cell networks to record where a largish object is located.
  2. Field apps could record where something was taking place, i.e. a customer location.
  3. Station tracking as @freedman mentions above.
  4. Geofencing, could activate functionality based on the users location.
  5. GPS and IoT go hand and hand
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