BLE Tags For Asset Tracking

Hi All,

Has anyone tried integrating BLE tags with Tulip and if so can you please share any details?

We have various carts and pieces of equipment in our facility that is not always in the same place and at times hard to find. A 5S approach will work, but if we can tag the equipment with BLE tags and know exactly where they are at any time through Tulip that will be ideal.

Will be great to also use the data to complete certain steps in some of our apps - eliminating the need for someone to press a button.

Possible BLE tags:

hello @petrus_geldenhuis - thanks for posting, awesome idea!! personally I have yet to use BLE tags, but I am curious to see if other users have used them.

one thing to point out is that similar solutions have been implemented with RFID tags. have you considered this as an option??

you can use an RFID reader to track the carts and equipment throughout the facility in an app or as triggers to avoid the need to touch the screen.

Hey @gio - thank you for the feedback. I briefly looked at RFID options, but they seem more complex and unless you use active RFID tags you need to be in close proximity to read the RFID, so thus not making things completely seamless.

I did take a look at the RFID solutions on your website, but non of them seem to be active RFID tags that will work over a longer range (50 - 100 + meters). Have you implemented active RFID tags (long range) or only passive ones?

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Hey @petrus_geldenhuis,

RFID in Tulip was designed for the use case of access control (logging in operators) and was later expanded to fulfill a role similar to a barcode scanner. That being, to bring the context from a work order or a part into the workflow of a single station.

Active RFID and BLE tags are cool pieces of tech, but we don’t have any near term plans to support these types of devices due to the software overhead needed to manage them. BLE and active RFID devices usually work with a system designed to triangulate location and then provide that data to a third party.

If you want to use Tulip for asset tracking, I suggest looking into one of those systems that has an API you can query for data from Tulip.

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