I want use The RFID function in iPhone

Do you have any plans to support the iPhone RFID function in the future?
The RFID function in iPhone and am thinking if I can use this with TULIP.

Hey @NK1341-

A couple thoughts here -

  • NFC is the wireless protocol supported by most iphones without an external reader, is this what you are talking about?
  • Right now Tulip apps on Iphone run in a browser, you could use an NFC tag to launch a tulip app. (see this thread about doing this with qr codes, the approach is basically identical for NFC).
  • NFC tags can include tons of different types of data, where barcodes are exclusively a string. Using an NFC tag to fill an input field could be possible, but what if that NFC tag has content that isnt a string?

I will talk a little more with our internal experts that know more about NFC, and understand if this is possible. Were you picturing using NFC to just launch apps? or to trigger actions within an app? If so, what actions?


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Thanks for the reply.

・Yes, it’s NFC, an internal function of the iphone.
・I saw that thread and thought it was a good way.
I wanted to use that way on iphone.
・I was thinking of using only string.
I think it would be more useful if we could treat it like a device trigger.

The reason we want to use NFC on the iphone is…
・Our workplace is dirty.
・QR codes are unreadable when dirty, but NFC can be
used dirty and unbreakable.
・iPhones will be introduced into our workplace

Hey @NK1341 -

This is totally possible. Today I will throw together a quick demo on how I would do this. I happen to have some NFC tags sitting around.

I will update this thread when that video is complete!


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Here is the video I made today!

Let me know if you have any questions!