RFID Tag Reader Compatibility

Hey Tulip,

We are looking for an RFID device that we can integrate with a Tulip I/O Gateway.

Our application is not for Badge Scanning. We will be using this to scan tags entering into our plant from a dock door, so we need a distance reader vs. close range.

All of the RFID readers in your device compatibility list are close range readers that are geared towards badge scanning.

Do you know of any other devices that have been tested or that any other customers are using for this that might be suitable for our application?



Hello Eric,
I’m also thinking to use RFID gate for an use case similar to yours.
Did you find some answers ? else it’s worth bumping this topic for someone at Tulip :slight_smile:

I was able to sideload Tulip on a Zebra MC3300R handheld with RFID acting as a barcode device trigger input.

This is a mobile solution for longer range RFID tagging.

I still haven’t tested any static long range rfid devices that we were aiming to connect into a Tulip Gateway I/O for entry / exit tags passing through a dock door (EZPass concept) that we were going to use on our customer totes to track when totes enter or exit our plant.

The Zebra handheld did take some data wedge configuration to get working.