RFID scanner not in list of devices

I have the following RFID Scanner and would like to set it up in Tulip:
FEIG electronic Model ID CPR30-USb
do I need to install any drivers, if so where can I get them and then how do I set it up in Tulip?

Hey Jorge,

You can use RFID readers with both the Tulip Player, and a Tulip I/O Gateway.
The Tulip Player RFID driver requires no configuration to enable, but if you’re using a Gateway, you must enable the driver in your gateway configuration settings.

Check out this article for more information: Using the RFID Driver

I want to mention that I’m not sure if that specific device is supported with our RFID driver though. Please let me know if it works! FYI, here’s a list of our supported RFID readers.