QR scanner via USB

i was trying to read a QR code which is connected to tulip via USB but even after trying all the options in devices dropdown in tulip Apps, i could not get it to work.
The QR code reader I’m using is : MICROSCAN ID-20.
How can i resolve it or can i buy a other one that is readily configurable (should be mounted)

Hi @sanket_kulkarni

I’m pretty confident, that your scanner device is not set up correctly (for tulip) and the only thing you need to change is to add a suffix enter key.

Simply open a notepad and scan your value.
If its like so:

my value

(cursor on second line)
you are fine and the issue is something else

if it is like so:

my value|

(cursor on the same line)
you need to set up your scanner to add enter as a suffix (usually some codes to scan from the manual to set this up…)

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