Grid resizing leads to moving the entire grid

Resizing a grid or row/column from anywhere except the edges results in moving the entire grid while resizing the cell.

E.g. original grid:

Grid when I try to resize cells by grabbing the horizontal line between 9 and 10.

(sorry I couldn’t get a vid) As you can see, the grid moved off the slide. It did make the cell smaller, sure, but it shouldn’t move the whole grid in order to resize. Also, row 8 resized for some reason, even though I wasn’t touching the horizontal line between 8 and 9 , which seems wrong.

Also could y’all make it so resizing a grid from the edges doesn’t resize every single cell? Just make it resize the cell at the end please. See Microsoft Word/Excel or Google Sheets for examples

See how the all data fits on the leftmost column?

And now the data on the leftmost column is squished into 2 lines :frowning:

@jonp22, hey, thanks for sharing this. Just following up to let you know that this is, indeed, weird behavior and we’re looking into it. We’ll follow-up with more once we’ve had some time to dig deeper.

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