Set/Customize Grid Row and Column

I’ve been using the grid to organize hard-coded information in a tabular format, and I’d like to have a way to set the row height and the column width. I currently have rows of different heights, and it’s not very aesthetic.

Hi @kong ,

you can resize your rows and columns by draging the lines. I know this is just eyeballing.

And you can evenly space the rows an columns.

Did you know these features (also try right klicking into your grid and explore all the options).

Does this help or is your goal to get a numeric input field per row and column?

Hi @thorsten.langner - Yes, the ‘Evenly space rows’ functionality works for this case, thanks!

The numeric input would be helpful in some corner cases and would align with Google Sheets and Microsoft Office functionality/user mental model, but it would be more of a nice-to-have.