Handling reoccuring signature requirements after change of a user

Hello all,

we are facing a use-case here where the operator needs to sign off on some handling instructions and the requirement is that if the operator changes mid process - for whatever reason - the new operator would have to again give his signature and review the same document before proceeding with the work.

So far we have concluded that modelling this kind of behaviour seems to be impossible with the current toolset.

I was wondering if other people here might have faced a similar situation in the past and if they did, how they went about it in the end.

The best I was able to come up with for now was to move the handling instruction signoff into a dedicated app. But as a consequence this would mean that I would have to rip apart the process flow as it is currently not allowed to run multiple apps in parallel as part of an integrated session.

I came up with the idea to store the signature track in an array and use the array as my completion record reference… well, unfortunately that does not seem to work :frowning:

Looking at the completions log, this is what is shown instead: