[Tip of the Week] Signature Steps

while Apps are running on your shop floor, information (Name and Badge ID) on who’s executing the App are collected. however, it’s also often necessary to get an extra signature on a process prior to completing it.

whether you need a supervisor to sign off on a form for information that’s been collected, or need to get an additional set of eyes before completing a process, there are many instances of situations in which specifying an approval workflow is critical to maintain compliance in your facility.

in Tulip, you can easily set this up with Signature Forms. you can select from the following options when defining who’s required to sign off on a process prior to completing an App:

  • Any Operator
  • Operator executing app
  • Any operator besides app executor
  • Specify a list of allowed users

learn more about this feature here: Creating A Signature Form Step | Tulip Knowledge Base - Support for Building Operations Apps

Just wanted to add. The Signature Form is mostly used for capture of esignature in a GMP environment but is also useful anywhere where you need a second set of eyes on a process or just a verification/confirmation. For example Its a simple way to get a supervisor to acknowledge or confirm an action, capture who is working with the app in addition to the person logged in, to capture information about a trainee, trainer relationship, and more…

Hi Gio,

Is there a way to show in the app after a signature step the name of the additional approver (individual who is not the logged in person)?