Help with Dropdown Aggregations & Table Tuples

I have a table with the attributed Lamp Name and ID. I am creating an app where based on a drop down, you can select which Lamp you want to edit based on the name.
However, The lamps can only be edited by their IDs, but I dont want the user to see the IDs - only the names.
So like the drop down will have Lamp 1, Lamp 2, Lamp 3, etc – however when you click which state you want the lamp to be in, it calls the Lamp selected Lamp ID to make the edit.
(ie. I Select Lamp 1 on the drop down, then the id 1234 is used to update the lamp state)

Currently I am using a tulip table aggregation to display all of the names in the drop down, but I am struggling to find a way to allow the ID to also flow through. I am trying to set an ID variable when the input changes from the table, but It doesn’t seem to be working. Any ideas?