Hey hey hey! how about a link to the live preview?

So I was wondering if Tulip could start to provide a link to the live preview that is available in Stations?
This would allow for someone with the link to see the exact display realtime in the preview without having to log into the instance or have access to other areas.
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Chris Winters

Hey Chris, can you tell me a little more about the use case for this? I am imagining it would also create some sort of privacy concern because the link would be shared freely online.

This is for a use as a digital dashboard andon viewer that would not require the use of a player and be controlled at admin level and above this would allow folks who want to look at the andon activity to do so much like a link from the dashboards page but using a view from the app itself for a better UX

Hmmm. We are launching a feature called “Shareable Stations” in the next week that allows a user to create a station with a one-time sharable link.

So, anyone could create a station by just using a badge ID and the one-time use link, no need for a Tulip admin to log in on the device. Would that solve this problem?

Since they would be running the app in a Chrome browser (or on the Player), they would also be able to interact with the app itself.

Will work also in SSO/SAML configuration?

Hey Youri, what do you mean? Do you mean the case where Tulip administrators authenticate to the Tulip account via SAML or LDAP?

I was looking at is a solution to be able to view andons applications andd digital dashboard applications that you normally have to run a player to view which requires a subscription. Since this is just a viewer that I am proposing it wouldn’t have the ability to interact with the app just to view it. Would the shareable station link have a view only option?
Definitely stoked about the growth and development overall.
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Target is SAML for administrators and operators

Yes. Admins will log into normal with SAML as usual, and when operators attempt to use the one-time shareable link, they will need to use their SAML creds to authenticate if that is how the Tulip account is configured

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This would address the ability to view andons without having to have an additional subscription. Since it is view only it is a difficult ROI to justify if look at 1 subscription/ 1 player model. Here is the scenario I am using as a reference: You have a line with 3 gateways with IOT sensors, and 3 stations where the operators can interact with the andon app(through tables for the edge rule of 1 player per station) Now the operators can be doing other tasks while the line is running but for their visibility of the line they need an additional 3 monitors showing the various status of areas in the line. This is where the link to the live view of the station would come into play. To address security concerns you can make the link revocable just like the dashboard link is now. Once again this would be a view only link, another benefit would be for supervisor’s to be able to view on their phones without having to have a player be in use.

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Thanks for the feedback, Chris. I’d love to learn more about your use case because I can think of a couple of ways you could give operators visibility about the overall process without needing additional screens/stations. Having said that, I hear you on the ROI side. We’re considering different ways to improve that, including what you suggest, but bear in mind that even if an app doesn’t write to Tulip, it still consumes resources.

You mentioned that the reason you’re using apps in the first place is because of our dashboard’s limitations, so we’re also exploring improvements we could make there as well as other areas of the admin side to give more team members access to the insights they collect.

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The use case could be as such.

Imagine if you will an automated assembly line with 3 gateways and 3 payers that operators interact with to clear/ update the line conditions and 3 monitors that would act as visual dashboards only. As far as the Dashboards in the editor instance I am totally down for having a zoom sessionn to talk with you about the UI and UX. I can totally see a Dashboards moving I a radically different direction that would add a tremendous value and be able to help ROI even more than they do today.

As a side note is there any talk about adding colors to the table analytics for dashboards( I mean to show the color currently in use from that particular table).

And I do want you to know I think this community is awesome! The folks on this are great and really champions of digital transformation. Kudos for running a great group.

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