How to create a backend job?

Hi Team,
How to create a backend job to run, I want to use a backend job to process bulk data process (EBR auto review, and create exception report in PDF file , and then send mail with the attachment to end user)starts from 6:00 each day, and run it every 4 hours.

Hi @TaylorTian, this sounds like a perfect use-case for a new feature we have coming out called Automations. I want to connect you with @pete, the PM on the project, in case you’re interested in testing the feature or learning more.

Hi @TaylorTian, we are introducing a new feature called Automations soon: Tulip Interfaces on LinkedIn: Automations are an exciting new Tulip Interfaces capability that run logic…

This will allow backend jobs to run. What can be done will depend on the events and actions that we make available. Running Automations on a schedule (e.g. every 4 hours) will be supported. However, generating PDF’s will not be directly supported at launch. Running connector functions will be supported. So if you can generate the pdf’s another way you may still be able to solve your use case.

Will will take this feedback into account when planning our next steps!

Thanks for your quick response, and good to know the progress you are doing now.
Actually I raised 5 questions on 6/2/2023(last Friday), and four of them were raised by me, and last one ( How to create a PDF report?)was raised by my team member on behalf of me due to question limitation each day(one user raise questions should less then 5).

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