How to open step of default app in tulip player

Hi Team,

I make a step which is system shell, I hope open tulip player every time, always open the step, instead of the step of last app I opened? how to do ? thanks

Hi Rui,

Am I understanding the question correctly that on a specific app, you want to be able to open it in player on a specific step every time?

my mean is always open the home page when player start up. then user select app to access.


Hi Rui,

When launching the player initially, it should show an app menu and all apps like you have in the screenshot above. If it is loading with the last app / step that was in use, it is likely because the player was not fully shut down and it is remembering the last step it was on.

This article may help also! How To Use the Tulip Player

Let me know if this helps or if you still have questions!

Beth,Thank you very much, it looks like I have to upgrade my role to get higher permissions.

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