Issue with Chrome browser within Tulip

Hi Team,
When using the tulip player, if you click a link in the application it can launch a chrome browser within the tulip player. However, there is now way to close chrome browser from within the app and navigate back to the app you are using. The only current way is to completely restart the app.

do we have any option to close the opened pop up chrome window in tulip player?


How did you provide the link to be opened in the player itself?

@thorsten.langner yes, the link is available in the attached pdf file, pdf opens & click the link in tulip player itself.

I’m sure this is a bug.

If you use the Document widget, links will open in a new window of your standard browser.
If you provide the pdf as a variable, your described behavior appears.

→ On a browser player you can navigate back with Alt+ <-
→ On a Widows Player, you can reload the browser with Ctrl+ Shift+ R and the page will be set back to the actual step…

I hope that helps…
@Beth : Maybe you can communicate this bug (I guess it should open in the standard Browser and not in the Player itself, as all other links do…)

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