How to Send JSON Data from Tulip to Ignition Using a POST Connector

Hello everyone,

I am working on integrating Tulip with Ignition and need some help with setting up a POST request to send JSON data from Tulip to an HTTP endpoint in Ignition. Here are the details of my setup:

  1. Ignition Setup:
  • I have installed the WebDev module in Ignition.
  • I have created an HTTP endpoint in Ignition that can handle POST requests. and its working fine i have tested through postman
  1. Tulip Setup:
  • I need to configure a POST connector in Tulip to send JSON data to the above Ignition endpoint.

Here is what I am looking to achieve:

  • Create an HTTP connector in Tulip* with the necessary headers and endpoint URL.
  • Define the body of the request in Tulip to match the expected JSON structure.
  • Trigger the POST request from a Tulip app to send data to Ignition.
    here while Creating an HTTP connector in Tulip i am using local gateway of ignition i.e localhost. And if i have written localhost in Edit connection details- host then getting error, I am not able to test the same, here is image of error-

Could someone guide me through the steps to set up this POST connector in Tulip? Any example configurations or troubleshooting tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi Nitin,

Happy to see you are exploring integrations with Tulip!
The localhost address will be local to your machine only; therefore, the Tulip Cloud Connector Host cannot establish communication.
For these scenarios we offer an On-Prem Connector Host (OPCH).
This Tulip KB article provides an overview of OPCH and how to request credentials for an OPCH install.

Once installed, you should be able to change the “Running On” selection from Cloud Connector Host to the newly installed OPCH and test communication with your local Ignition API endpoint.

Hope this helps!