I want to connect modbus TCP to Edge IO

I want to connect modbus to the edge io how can i do that ? are we need to use node-red for that or there any physical way for the connection with modbus ?

Hey @Ajay ! Yup, two ways you can accomplish this. Either:

  1. using the Telnet Driver for Player to send simple messages, or

  2. using Node-RED and the Modbus nodes found in their library on an Edge Device (or, in truth, on your own PC - you can install Node-RED anywhere!)

note that before starting down the Edge Device path please be sure to update your edge device! There is a known issue with the Modbus pack of nodes that may cause older software revisions on Tulip Edge Devices to freeze and require Tulip Support to resolve.

Let us know if this helps!

Thanks k.ober.
In my case, I need to use Node-red.