Importing user generated connector functions

So this method appears to work, I just want to check that I’m not going to break the space time continuum or something. If I create a simple app with simple connector function and then export it.

If I modify the function block with a new alphanumeric 17 character id (which becomes the function id) and then generate unique keys for the inputs and outputs and match the types.
And then zip and import this back in, it creates the new function and inputs and outputs. The function works like normal, anything I should look out for?

"functions": [
					"_id": "oPP9AMzmqBm1PJaDc",
                    "description": "A test",
					"name": "A test",
					"inputs": [
							"_id": "WwaxAuTG1vUVLOymJ",
							"name": "test",
							"type": "string"
                     "outputs": [
							"_id": "HZBZUfMYLAMg4Nesy",
							"name": "result",
							"type": "integer"