Including a knowledgebase article that covers new functions

Howdy all you cultivators,
How is your garden of apps growing?
I have a small request:
I understand the release cycle is is rapidly shortening(That Rules by the way)
could you make it a standard practice to include a knowledgebase article that covers even a basic usage of the newly released functions when the are added to the mix?

Stay awesome and I can’t wait ti see the next series of ‘bulbs’ get released
Best Regards,
Chris Winters
Solution Engineer | (815) 520-3177

Making the complex simple.

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for flagging this! We will do our best to highlight new functions in knowledge base articles.


to add to that, we’re starting to go over new features released in the weekly Office Hours. during tomorrow’s Office Hours, we’ll be going over how Table Queries work.

sign up link is here @CPS_Chris_Winters: if you’re interested in joining!!

Hi Chris! Just following up on this with a link to our support article on Table Queries and Aggregations.

Busy times here at Tulip! Apologies for the delay after the release.

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