Integrating MS Dynamics AX2012 R3 CU13 with Tulip

Hi All,

A newbie in Tulip arena, appreciate community support

To begin with, any previous posts explaining the capabilities of connecting to MS Dynamics AX2012 R2 on-prem to Tulip.

Also, How to connect Tulip instance to Power BI cloud for generating reports / dashboards

Any insights would be appreciated.



hello @riyas.abdul, welcome to the Tulip Community!! it would be great if you could introduce yourself at: Welcome to the Community, let's meet!!

I am not aware of specific posts explaining specifically how to integrate to MS Dynamics, however I am eager to see if others in the Community have experience with MS Dynamics and will be responding with details on how they did it.

regarding your 2nd question, there are 3 resources I would recommend as a good starting point:

  1. the Power BI documentation: Power BI REST APIs - Power BI REST API | Microsoft Docs has useful information regarding the endpoints available, authentication methods, and other relevant information for getting this creating this connection
  2. Guide: Using the Table API and Python to import data from a Tulip Table into Power BI is a great post form @stefan outlining how to use Python to send data from a Tulip Table to PowerBI
  3. M365 Excel Connector | Frontline Operations Platform if you’d like, you can install and use the Microsoft Excel Connector that’s in the Library to get a better understanding of how the authentication works

hope this helps, let us know if you have questions as you set up this integration!!