Is the Badge ID field searchable

Is the Badge ID field searchable? Our objective is to allow users to enter their name and a requested pin code. The entered pin code would be compared to all existing pin codes in the Badge ID field, and if the pin code does not exist it would be considered valid.

In the example below, the border around ‘Requested Pin Code’ would turn red if an invalid pin is presented and green if the pin does not exist in the Badge ID field.


Hello Neo I had the same problem for a problem. My work around was to put all the user’s badge numbers into a table with the badge number as the ID then simply check if the inputted badge number is in the table. If it isn’t it’s valid, if it is it isn’t. Unfortunately you can’t do that type of check on the user’s table which is why the other table was created.

That’s my backup plan, I was hoping for direct access

The badge id field is not included in the user export and manually adding the badge id to a table defeats the purpose. Has anyone found an alternate for streamlining the user account creation process? Thanks.