Is there a way to create a custom message using expressions? If so how do you do it?

I know you can send custom messages to people over sms or email but it comes in chunks on SMS and email as several smaller messages instead of a large complete message. Is there a way to write a custom message using an expression to something similar to this?

Help has been requested at “station name” by “user” working on “application name”. Please respond to avoid production delays.

It would also be super awesome to tie that into teams and allow the user to receive a message back saying help is on the way along with whom is responding.

Teams is actually fairly straightforward

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@Shrmnatr you’re exactly correct! I’ve done a similar thing with the expression in the screenshot below - look for the details you’re looking for in the variables that start with “@App Info”…:

(Also, this expression would also work with a Teams connector or similar)

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