MS Teams Custom Widget - Post to Teams with Incoming Webhooks

Want to send a message from Tulip to a Teams channel. This widget allows you to quickly set that up using the “incoming web hook” functionality in Teams.

Alert a group of people when an issue occurs or when a process is ready for the next step in the workflow using this widget and Teams.

The widget simplifies Tulip to Teams channel connection by avoiding the need to create a correctly formatted connector function that then has to be added to an app trigger. With this widget just add it to the app, provide the “incoming web hook” url, subject, text and you are ready to post to a Teams channel.

Posting a message to a Teams channel helps bring visibility to a problem or alert an individual(s) of an action in a workflow. Further automation or logic can be added to Teams to facilitate more complicated workflows or actions.

MS Teams is a widely used communication tool that can be accessed from many different device types and a range to team members. The main advantage of Teams is the concept of channels that allow multiple users to communicate in one common place. With Teams channels, you can stop worrying about maintaining a distribution list in Tulip or assigning a backup user in the event of user vacation.

Start posting to Teams to increase better communication and collaboration within your team!

Download from Tulip Library: Link


Link to Setup Guide: Link


@eddy.atkins – Post for MS Teams Custom Widget

:partying_face: Excited to announce this is now live on the library as part of the widgets collection. One of the first externally developed widgets.

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Usefull custom widget, easy to configure. In the future will be possible to use mention functionality to manage the notifications for different users?