Issue with New Line Breaks in Expression for Email

Hi Community! I’m trying to add line breaks to make an email I’m sending out easier on the eye, and I’m following what is suggested in this article to use “shift+enter”, but in the actual demo email, it comes out as “\n”. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to correct this and properly add line breaks? Is this issue occurring because I’m trying to make an array?

Hi again Carol!

Is there a reason you are pushing to array?

Would following the instructions from this post work?


Hi Sydney!

I was pushing onto an array because I was using a loop widget to comb through my table of consumables and filter out the items that have fallen below a pre-set threshold level. My plan is to create a list of these said items and email it to our purchasing team to reorder.

I tried using the instructions from the post you shared (thank you by the way!!), but the /n line break doesn’t work for me (I’m guessing because of the array) :confused: Is there perhaps an alternative method of creating a list from a list that doesn’t rely on the array function? :thinking: