Issues with Vision Triggers: Trigger active through entire app not just the step

I have a vision trigger that I want to activate only on one step. I have it so when I reach in a bin it changes the bin color from orange to green. I only want this active during the step the trigger is located in but I can trigger the event anytime during the application. In addition I cant create new triggers in different steps. Is there a solution for this? I have my trigger listed below.
Vision Detection Light Change

Hi @Shrmnatr, thanks for the question. I’ll see if @royshilkrot–one of our vision experts–can provide more debugging help, but the first thing I’m noticing is that the action you have specified in your WHEN statement is when COLOR DETECTION ENDED. I’ve typically written triggers for bin picking with change detection triggers, typically with a CHANGES BEGAN action. Here’s an example trigger that I built for a customer.

Let me know if this helps!

Hey thanks for the reply, I did change back and forth between the triggers to see if it made a difference and nothing changed. It does work as expected on the first step just not subsequent steps.

no worries, glad to help, and happy to keep this ball rolling.

So the issue you’re having is that the logic performs inconsistently across the steps in the app, correct?

Can you provide some more context about how your app is constructed here? There are couple things that could be happening, but I need to know more about how logic is distributed across steps to help you diagnose.

Yes, so I have created a digital work instruction with a light kit and an RGB camera. Right now the basic setup is the user is directed to a bin with an assembly jig using the pic to light. When the pic to light color detection area is triggered it changes the bin to green instead of orange. This part of the application works fine. The next step is that several pic to light bins are lit up showing the part locations for the first section of the build, I want the same behaviour to exist where when they pic the part it changes the bin color or turns the bin off. I have copied the instruction exactly across and just changed the variables to match which does not work for any bin, but the previous logic for the first step will still activate and change the color to green.

  • My main issues are I can’t recreate the logic on other steps.
  • The logic for the first step activates in other steps.

The troubleshooting I have done so far includes:

  • Deleting other steps after to isolate the step.
  • Removing any other triggers associated with this step.
  • Creating from scratch and copying the trigger.
  • Changing the trigger type
  • Checking to make sure my color detection activates in the camera configuration.

I just don’t understand how to lock it down to one instruction, and recreate the same logic.

@Shrmnatr, one more thought: is it possible that you have this trigger on the Base Layout? The behavior you’re describing sounds like what I would expect if a Base Layout trigger is competing with step-level triggers.

Well I deleted a bunch of triggers and I have no application based triggers and then recreated some triggers and now have a good working setup throughout the first part of my instruction. I plan on expanding this though so I imagine I will have some issues again.








@John can you explain what you mean by a base trigger? Are you meaning a application based trigger vs a step based trigger?

@Shrmnatr, here’s a quick video summary of base-layout triggers. Let me know if this helps!

@John Thanks for the video that was super helpful! However, I do not have any base tags active in the application so I don’t think that is my problem.