Kafka Integration

I read in the tulip docs that it is possible to connect to a Kafka, but I do not see any tulip documentation as to how to connect, subscribe, and produce messages. Possible? If so, how?

Hey @donnie.kerr ! There are plenty of tech partners to streamline Tulip - Kafka integrations. E.g., Solace, HighByte, United Manufacturing Hub.

If you are looking to send Tulip data to other services via Kafka, tools like HighByte and Solace can simplify a lot of this. They also integrate with Kafka-similar services like AWS Kinesis.

here’s a video example of HighByte too: https://tulip.co/library/videos/unified-namespace-example-with-highbyte


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Thank you for your response. The issue is that Tulip does not offer Kafka connection support on their end, as far as I can find in the documentation. Thus, the reason for my post.

yes. you cannot connect directly to Kafka in Tulip. You would have to connect to kafka via a third party such as HighByte or Solace. We’re launching a Solace connector soon that will highlight more of this