Kanban with Routing


I am trying to create Electronic Kanban within Tulip tables.
Unlike traditional Kanban which normally involves only 1 process within the loop, I need to make a loop with several different processes.
This will involve some type of routing as depending on the product it will go through different processes.

Scenario is parts are normally kept on RM shelf. (we manufacture these parts in house).
This hits a certain level and a Kanban card gets marked as “Empty” (which updates in a Tulip table) by an operator, and gets assigned to the correct process.

For Example.

Part001 This part needs to be cut to length, laser marked, and put back onto RM shelf.

Part002. This part needs to be machined, polished, laser marked and put onto RM shelf.

Part 003. This part needs to be machined and put onto RM shelf.

I want to have a screen for each process (one for machining, one for cutting etc) so they can only see the relevant jobs. When they complete the job, the job needs to go to the next relevant process based on a routing of some kind.

How can I attach a routing to each part so that the operator does not have to select the next process manually, as this leads to errors?

Appreciate any input people may have as I’m scratching my head over this one :exploding_head:

hey @Nolsie, thanks for posting!! interesting solution you’re building, I’m curious to hear what others suggest.

my suggestion would be to have a Table with all the processes, and then use a Linked Record (1:many) to link each part to the processes that need to be completed on it. then, you can extract the Linked Table Records into an Array and route based on that (for example, in a Step Open Trigger, add a conditional statement for the subsequent element in the Array and send to relevant Step). this is a pretty high-level description, but if it sounds like something that could work let me know and I can put together a little demo.

thanks again for posting

Thanks @gio, sounds like something that could work!
I would love to hear a few more details about your suggestion!


Hi @gio

I have tried another way, but I am experiencing a few bugs, do you know where I am going wrong?
I have created a table with a column called “Current Process”. I also have columns for each process. For the routing I have assigned a number starting from 1 for each process it must go through. All processes it misses are null.
When Material is requested, the “current process” column increments by “1”. So for the number 21420-11, when current process =1, then it must be at machining, when current process=2, it must be at polishing etc. (on the last process which is check in to RM, it clears the “current process” column)

I have an interactive table in the app for each process, and the filter for the table for machining for example is “Current Process” equals Tulip Table Record "Machining"

The Problem is that often when a part has not been requested (Current Process = null) it will still show up for machining.
Also sometimes 1 item has been requested, all items will show up as requested, even though table record show only one being requested.

I don’t know if any of that makes sense at all but that is where I’m at…

hey @Nolsie, this seems like a great solution!!

would you mind sharing a screenshot of the Trigger that routes the parts??

regarding the null problem, could you default the Current Process to 1 when you create the Record or is machining only for certain parts??

Hi @gio,
The trigger for a process is below.

Machining is not a common process, the only common one is the last one where parts are checked into Raw materials.

It would be great to jump onto a call sometime to have a brief discussion about this because I am interested to learn about your original proposed solution as well.

OK, thanks @Nolsie!! have you tried adding a Conditional:

If > Table Record > Current KB > Current Process > Not Null

from what I’m understanding, this should avoid the first problem you’re experiencing.

and yes, would you like to join Office Hours?? we meet every Thursday at 11AM EST and we can certainly discuss this. let me know if that works for you and I can add you to the call!!

Hi @gio

Do I add this to the table filter?
I’ll try it and see what I get.
Unfortunately the time of office hours is 2 am for me, so might not work to well…


Hi @gio
I am still getting this. So although current process =1 and machining =1, it still shows up for polishing, even though the value for polishing is null.

The filter on that table is as below.

Hello @Nolsie ,
Following up here for visibility - We needed to remove the trigger that was clearing the record placeholder. Once removed, the interactive table filters were working as expected!