Keeping Tables and Form Steps Synced?

Hi All!

My goal is to make a large Table of many columns, be able to change the names and data types of the columns in this Table, and then have a Form Step automatically created with matching fields, labels, and data types…

most of all, I want a two-way street where changes to the Table columns are reflected in the Form Step (and maybe vice versa if possible).

Is there a way I can create Form Step logic to gather the metadata about a given Table? Maybe I can store the data types and names in variables, then create the Form Step with these variables? Not sure. Would just hate to keep the two synchronized manually; the types and names change constantly and I’m almost certain they will become out-of-sync and cause problems eventually.

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I am keeping my form steps updated by filling up the variables with the table records values.
However, I would also like to know how to make that a little bit more dynamic. I am looking forward to an answer to your question.

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